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Logo Design

SocialChain, headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom, are a social media marketing agency founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Steven Bartlett and Dominic McGregor. Following its recent acquisition by Brave Bison, SocialChain embarked on a rebranding journey. Rev.01 was selected to spearhead the task of crafting a new brand identity and website.

The primary challenge we faced was to seamlessly merge the heritage of SocialChain with the present and future vision of Brave Bison.

We tackled this challenge by creating a bespoke logotype that bore similarities to Brave Bison's branding while incorporating distinct visual elements. Notably, we redesigned the dots in the logotype's 'i's to mirror the 16:9 format, symbolizing SocialChain's expertise in this digital landscape. These unique shapes became a recurring motif across the entire brand identity, manifesting in elements like image framing and animated transitions.

Through careful design considerations and strategic alignment, Rev.01 successfully bridged the past and future of SocialChain under the umbrella of Brave Bison's vision, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand identity for the agency's new chapter.

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