A Guide to Video Production: The Rev.01 Approach

A Guide to Video Production: The Rev.01 Approach

Discover how Rev.01 can elevate your brand with compelling videos. Our expert team handles the technicalities, while your input shapes the creative process. From concept to final edit, we prioritise collaboration to ensure your vision shines

A Guide to Video Production: Rev.01’s Approach

Rev.01 Videographer Harry using a DJI Ronin gimbal and Sony mirrorless camera, filming next to a river in Norway.

So you've come to the point where you've decided your business, charity, or non-profit needs a compelling video. It's an involved process, and partnering with a specialized marketing agency or video production company like Rev.01 can streamline much of the work for you. However, understanding the various aspects of video production remains crucial, with some elements requiring your input and engagement.

Our Approach at Rev01

At Rev.01, we're committed to demystifying this process for our clients. We recognise that while our expertise handles the technicalities, your insights and vision are essential for creating videos that authentically represent your brand and effectively engage your audience. From crafting initial concepts to refining final edits, we prioritise client collaboration every step of the way. This approach ensures that your ideas seamlessly integrate into the production process, resulting in videos that exceed expectations and resonate deeply with viewers.

Based in Southend and serving clients across London, the United Kingdom, and beyond, I'm Harry, and for nearly five years, I've been part of the Revive Digital family, and for the past two years have been a member of the Rev.01 Studio team. Starting as a freelance videographer with a background in film and television studies, I've immersed myself in every facet of video production. From wrangling scripts and coordinating logistics to visualising concepts through storyboards and shot lists, our passion lies in creating videos that not only tell compelling stories but also connect meaningfully with audiences.

Whether you're exploring video production for the first time or seeking to enhance your current content strategy, Rev.01 Studio is your dedicated partner throughout the journey. From brainstorming initial ideas to delivering polished final products, we are committed to translating your vision into captivating visual narratives. Join me as we explore our client onboarding process and delve into the essential steps of pre-production. Together, we'll navigate the creative landscape of video production with clarity and purpose, ensuring your message stands out in a competitive digital world.

Understanding the Client

At Rev.01, clients typically connect with us through different avenues. They might hear about us from satisfied clients, stumble upon our website, or discover us through online channels. These initial interactions mark the start of a journey where we aim to understand the specific needs and aspirations of businesses, charities, and nonprofits looking to tell their stories through video.

Qualifying the Fit

First things first: qualification. We understand that budgets vary, and expectations can be sky-high. Our goal is to bridge that gap, finding the sweet spot where creativity and feasibility meet (unless your budget is as high as your aspirations that is!). Whether it's a quick call or a detailed email exchange, these initial conversations are where it all begins.

The First Meeting: Building a Foundation

Now, let's talk about a typical first meeting. It's not just about discussing a business — it's about getting to know the client. We introduce Rev.01 Studio, our ethos, and our meticulous process. Using our in-house brief sheet as a compass, we dive deep into key dimensions:

  • Project Title or Working Title: Every project needs a captivating name that resonates with your brand's identity.
  • Overview of Proposed Content: We excel at transforming intricate visions into compelling visual narratives through expert video production.
  • Video's Objectives: What specific goals does the client aim to achieve with their video production?
  • Target Audience: Who is the target demographic? What attributes define this audience segment?
  • Competitor Analysis: How does your brand stand out in a competitive landscape? What strategies differentiate you in the market?
  • Key Message: What core message does your video aim to communicate effectively?
  • Consumer Benefit: What value proposition does your video offer to your audience?
  • Company's Tone of Voice: How does your brand's voice resonate with your audience? What is its unique tone?
  • Budget Overview: Let's explore cost-effective solutions to meet your video production needs.
  • Logistics and Deadlines: Establishing clear timelines ensures the timely delivery and distribution of your video content.
  • Specific Deliverables: Tailoring video content for various platforms and specific requirements ensures maximum impact.

Post-Meeting: Crafting the Project Proposal

Following our in-depth discussions, we embark on creating the 'Project Proposal', a comprehensive document that outlines the blueprint to transform your vision into reality. Depending on the project's scope, this phase typically spans one to three weeks. Unlike traditional approaches that involve separate pitch presentations and documentation, our streamlined method integrates preliminary project details with key pre-production requirements upfront.

An illustrator meticulously completes storyboard sketches, preparing visual narratives for video production

This approach accelerates project development by addressing pre-production barriers early on. By establishing a clear brief from the outset, we ensure alignment with your needs, making amendments and adjustments straightforward and efficient. Our proposals are presented in PDF format, encompassing contractual agreements and a revised quotation tailored to the video concept pitched.

What does this essential pre-production documentation in our project proposal include?

  • Core Topics: An overview of the proposed project, including goals and target audience insights.
  • Location Scout: If needed, a detailed assessment of potential filming locations, highlighting logistical considerations and any challenges.
  • Narrative Board: A unified presentation of script and storyboard elements, simplifying the visual narrative for easier comprehension.
  • Interview Questions: For corporate-focused shoots, prepared questions structured to elicit informative responses.
  • Imagery and Moodboards: Visual references to illustrate the intended style, encompassing camera techniques, aspect ratios, and atmospheric goals.
  • Music Selection: Three tracks selected to complement the project's tone and atmosphere, fostering collaborative input from clients.
  • Colour Grading Approach: Explanation of the colour grading process's significance and an overview of our proposed approach.
  • Process Overview: An outline of project stages completed and upcoming milestones, providing clarity on the journey ahead.
  • Timeline: Detailed scheduling of filming dates, editing phases, feedback sessions, and final video delivery, ensuring project milestones align with client expectations.
  • Deliverables List: Specification of various video versions tailored for different platforms and purposes, including social media adaptations.

Each element of our project proposal is meticulously crafted to ensure transparency, collaboration, and alignment with your vision. This holistic approach aims to deliver a seamless experience from conceptualisation to final production, empowering you to achieve your video marketing goals effectively

Rev.01 Studio crew filming behind the scenes, capturing the essence of a dynamic shoot with professional videography equipment.

Production: Shooting Scenarios

With the project proposal approved and pre-production meticulously planned, it's time to roll cameras and bring the client's vision to life. At Rev.01, the production phase is where creativity and preparation intersect to create compelling visual narratives tailored to their needs.

Controlled Location Shoot

In controlled environments like studios or specific indoor settings, precision is key. The team meticulously executes pre-planned strategies, ensuring every detail aligns with the storyboard. From lighting setup to camera angles, each shot is crafted to perfection, capturing the client's vision with clarity and impact.

Live Event Coverage

For live events, we thrive on capturing authentic moments in real-time. The team seamlessly integrates into the event, strategically positioning cameras to capture key highlights and spontaneous interactions. They adapt swiftly to unfolding scenarios, preserving the essence of the event.

Corporate Interview Shoot

Corporate interview shoots should create an environment where interviewees feel comfortable and empowered to share their stories authentically. Guided by meticulously crafted questions developed during pre-production, our expert crew manages every detail—from lighting and sound to framing—to ensure that the interview captures the essence of the brand's message with sincerity and clarity. This approach ensures that each response effectively communicates the client's key messages, resonating with the intended audience.

‘Run and Gun’

‘Run and Gun’ situations require quick thinking and leverage our years of collective knowledge in video production. We adapt swiftly to ensure every moment is captured authentically and creatively. Our experience allows us to navigate unforeseen challenges while maintaining the highest standards of video quality.

Welcome to Post: Shaping Video

Once the cameras stop rolling, the real magic begins in post-production. This stage is where the raw media (such as footage, recorded audio and sound) is manipulated  into a polished and compelling video that captures the client’s vision. Our post-production process is meticulous and comprehensive, encompassing editing, colour grading, sound mixing, and the first delivery of the video.


The journey starts with editing, where we sift through hours of footage to assemble the most impactful shots into a cohesive narrative. Using professional-grade software such as Da Vinci Resolve Studio, we ensure that every cut and transition enhances the story and keeps the audience engaged.

Colour Grading

Next, we move to colour grading. This critical step involves adjusting the colours to give the video a specific look and feel, ensuring consistency and enhancing the visual appeal. Da Vinci Resolve Studio allows us to achieve precise colour correction, making sure the final product is both visually pleasing and true to the client’s brand. This meticulous process is essential for high-quality video production and brand storytelling.

Screenshot of Da Vinci Resolve's colour grading functionality, showcasing the advanced tools and features used for professional video production.

Sound Mixing

Sound is just as important as visuals in creating an immersive experience. Our sound mixing process involves balancing audio levels, removing any unwanted noise, and adding sound effects or music to complement the video using a system known as Fairlight. Sound mixing is a key component of multimedia production and contributes significantly to the overall viewer experience.

First Delivery

After editing, colour grading, and sound mixing, we deliver the first cut of the video to the client. Upon viewing, the client is entitled to one set of post-production feedback amendments. To facilitate this, we use Vimeo’s review tools. Vimeo is a leading video-sharing platform that provides powerful tools for reviewing videos. Clients can leave comments and timestamps directly on the video, making it easy to convey specific feedback.

Screenshot of Vimeo's review tools interface, showing timestamped comments and video playback controls for seamless feedback and collaboration.

Feedback and Final Delivery

We take the client’s feedback and implement it to the best of our ability, as long as it’s within the scope of the project brief and what was filmed during production. This ensures that the final product aligns with the client’s vision and expectations. Finally, we deliver the completed video in its various deliverable formats, ready for distribution across multiple platforms.

Our post-production process is designed to be seamless and integrated, utilising professional-grade software and tools to ensure a high-quality final product. Whether it’s incorporating motion graphics with After Effects or creating 3D CGI animations with Blender, we have the expertise and technology to bring any vision to life.

That’s a Wrap

We hope this look across the production of videos has provided insight the various processes that we typically under-go with clients. Every project is unique, whether a business, charity, or nonprofit seeks to share their story, it becomes evident that creating compelling visual narratives involves a blend of creativity, collaboration, and technical expertise. From initial brainstorming to final delivery, the meticulous steps involved in crafting videos that resonate deeply with audiences and achieve the client’s goals.

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